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The Four Roles of Leadership

1.   Path-Finding:        Creating the Blueprint

Great leadership begins with clarity of thought and purpose. Stephen R. Covey says that all things are created twice-that the "mental creation precedes the physical creation." You wouldn't build a home without a blueprint. Similarly, it?s folly to rush into action without understanding your purpose. The Path-finding role helps you create a blueprint of action and ensure that your plans have integrity-before you act.

2.   Aligning:   Creating a Technically Elegant System of Work

If path-finding identifies a path, aligning paves it. Organizations are aligned to get the results they get. Think about that. If you are not getting the results you want, it is due to a misalignment somewhere, and no pushing, pulling, demanding, or insisting will change a misalignment. Therefore, as a leader, you must work to change your systems, processes, and structure to align them with the desired results you identified through path-finding.

3.   Empowering:   Releasing the Talent, Energy, and Contribution of People

"Empowerment"-it's an overused term but under-utilized in practice. Empowering isn't abandoning people, letting them "figure it out" on their own. Nor is it allowing individuals minute freedoms while controlling other aspects. True empowerment yields high trust, productive communication between individuals and teams, and innovative results where each member of the team feels welcome to bring his or her genius to the table.

4.   Modeling:   Building Trust with Others-the Heart of Effective Leadership

The 4 Roles of Leadership does not just teach you what a leader does, but who a leader is. You learn the essential balance between character and competence-an individual of high abilities will never be a true leader if his or her character is questionable. The processes and tools in The 4 Roles of Leadership enables you to get the results your organization needs while you model principles of effectiveness.

More resources from the Seven Habits "Effectiveness Zone ~ Knowledge Base"